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  1. Dear EvanWonderful to hear these encouraging truths and what they can do to some people. I’m affraid to say that I am one of those who hasn’t benefited from such prayers, neither my family, in this case my aunt who has been tortured by an agonisig tooth pain. Well, I’ve been praying for her for the pain to go, nothing, I’ve given her to read and pray and study some of the simplest Christian Science Truths, yes she did it and she understood them, then me praying, well nothing absolutelly nothing. It is heart brakind to know that my aunt has been tortured in this barbaric pain, which is not true, of course but how come prayers didn’t do anything? So she had decided to go and see a dentist which is much better than waste time in this way. My aunt is very sorry that she waisted precious time instead of seing a dentist straight away and now she would have been sorted. I am affraid to say that these things only work for some people. Others unfortunatelly have to suffer for whatever reason. I know it is very disheartening but I can only give the facts; I wished I could have done the opposite and said has been a healing but unfrotunatelly this doesn’t belong to my aunt and it is sooo sad… words fail me. I hopw I haven’t upset you Evan but I can’t say something else, can I? By the way is there a prayer website where I can pun my aunt’s name down and let others who know how to pray and try this other avenue, just as a last resort? My aunt hasn’t got much money, she is in Romania and probably everyone knows that Romanians are not reach and hope this option will give better results. I appreciate this and thank you from the bottom of my heart.Paula
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